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What do you want me to say? It's just some podunk little website that's trying to doing things on a shoestring budget.

Let's see, hmmm, well, it is a site for helping others while helping myself. How do I figure? With an abacus. Did I mention shoestring budget?

All joking aside, if we can help you with one of the services we or local advertisers can provide, then it's a service to someone. We haven't been using "bandwidth" as we are paying for, so maybe this can take up the slack, but also allow us to grow into higher tiers of bandwidth. Get what I mean, Gene?

Now if you want to be involved with some "free" development or maintenance, let us know. I have no problem giving credit where credit is due if you want to tout your own abilities short of an "endorsement" (at this time). Contact me and let me know.

Solicitors, you're just going to try despite us being on a tight budget? At least have the respect to e-mail me at this address: solic@pdnhost.com , otherwise, you make me have to report your spam to the FTC and spamcop...., and then you make me want to say nasty things and burn your computer.

Contacts:  In order to avoid those "bots" which search for phone numbers and e-mail addresses, we do things strangely to throw them off.

Contact: Phone: E-mail:
Ask for the monkey in charge
CA admin guy 480
For now, please contact Ray listed here. He'll answer his phone as Pegasus Satellite because that is his phone number.
The second phone is a "majic jack" phone. It is not as constantly monitored as PS&E's phone, so the choice is yours to call to any questions or issues. Please note, that any solicitors will be treated as rudely as possible, because we do not ask for your kind here. So, FO, if you are that kind of scumbag.


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