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Welcome to our little podunk hosting site. Our mission? Ask the monkey above. Heh, heh.

NOTICE: No Solicitors. We do not respect you, we are NOT going to hire you, so don't even ask.


Seriously, The dude that builds our websites (yeah, that's me, but I'm going to carry on in the third person aspect) does a bunch of stuff, sort of like a "jack of all trades", but what he does is all relative in one way or another. He does this stuff when he is not out doing his main job. This web site, and others he is working on now is using CSS in a dynamic web template. This is self-taught stuff too. That comment was to get your "goods" and let you know why it has taken a long time (if anyone has been watching) to get my... er... his sites up to par.


In a lot of respect, this hosting site is an educational experience. I (yes, I) had been learning html for years now, supported by MS FrontPage and now Expressions. Half of this has been just trying to learn the damn programs. My number one site is pegsat.net, then comes others. Through online testing sites I discovered how bloated my original design was and CSS was the next step for me. (I'm not forgetting xml, just not talking about it.) My crutch is the Expressions program to learn CSS. But man, you have to read up to put it all in perspective.


So you might ask "So what are you doing here besides education?". Ah well, this is just the cornerstone of some of what I do for myself. I do my own web sites, and maybe help someone with their own. There are numerous "free" sites to get a page on, but you should look at getting something for yourself, and then have it hosted somewhere. In other words, get yourself a domain name (it's about 10.00 a year for a .com), and put it somewhere, maybe even here?


Um, gotta go. Look back here and see if I made more changes, as I want to, after tax time.



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